Shouts 2015

Padstow and Newquay RNLI lifeboats launch to catamaran at Constantine Bay - 30 July

Volunteer lifeboat crews from Padstow and Newquay RNLI were awoken to the sound of the pager this morning to assist a vessel which was going ashore at Constantine Bay.

Padstow RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat Spirit of Padstow was launched at 12.55am to reports of a catamaran going ashore at Constantine Bay near Trevose Head, with one casualty aboard. Local Coastguard volunteers were tasked to investigate and were unable to reach the boat from the beach, so the lifeboat was called.

On arrival, the lifeboat crew found the catamaran in the surf line and in shallow water, which meant they were unable to reach it.

Newquay RNLI’s Atlantic and D-class lifeboats were also launched to assist. The helm of the D-class carefully navigated the one metre surf and managed to get alongside the vessel, which had now moved further onto rocks, but the casualty declined to get off his boat. A search and rescue helicopter from RNAS Culdrose was tasked, and winched the man from the boat onto the beach. He required no medical treatment.

Conditions included a north westerly 3-4 wind and moderate seas. Unfortunately the lifeboat crews were unable to save the catamaran.

Padstow RNLI volunteers returned to station at 3am, with Newquay crews arriving back to their station at 3.30am, giving them a few hours sleep before getting up for their day.

Padstow RNLI lifeboat crew rescue two kayakers - 22 Jul 2015

Volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 4:15pm today (Wednesday 22 July) to assist the Padstow Coastguard Team in rescuing two kayakers at Butter Hole Sands.

The kayakers had paddled over to Butter Hole Sands from Daymer Bay. The weather conditions had changed and with the tide turning, the kayakers were having difficulty re-launching. They were seen by a member of the public walking on the cliffs above, who called the Coastguard.

After assessing the situation the Padstow Coastguard Team requested Padstow RNLI Lifeboat to assist. The kayakers, realising they were in need of assistance, had also written a large ‘Help’ sign in the sand, which the lifeboat crew removed before they left the beach.


The Y-boat was used to recover the kayakers one at a time back to the lifeboat and they required no medical attention. The kayakers were returned safely to Daymer Bay, but it was not possible to recover their kayak at that time.

Padstow RNLI Launched to a 35 foot yacht which had neither engine or sail power - 8 June 2015

Padstow’s volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew launched at 7am this morning (Monday 8 June) to a 35 foot yacht which had neither engine or sail power. The crew established a tow and brought the yacht and its three crew safely into Padstow harbour.

The yacht, which was travelling from Kilmore Quay in Ireland to Padstow had alerted the Coastguard at around 10pm on Sunday evening that it would need assistance coming into the harbour as it had suffered engine failure. It was also having trouble with the sails which had jammed in the rigging. 

As the tide was out and the Camel Estuary would not be accessible until the morning, the yacht’s crew were happy to continue on route to Padstow under the power of a small sail until the lifeboat was launched at 7am.  

Alan Tarby, RNLI volunteer Coxswain says;

‘Thankfully the conditions were calm and the yachts three crew were able to make their way very slowly under one small sail to within 7 miles of Padstow. At which point we picked them up, attaching a tow and bringing them safely into the harbour where they can start looking at getting her back up and running. After the early start, the volunteer crew were back at work by 11am.’

Padstow RNLI crew launched in early hours to kayaker - 25 June 2015

Padstow’s volunteer RNLI lifeboat crew launched at around 12am this morning (Thursday 25 June) to a kayaker who had travelled all the way from Ireland. After 30 hours at sea the kayaker was suffering from fatigue and unsure how to reach Padstow Harbour.

The volunteer lifeboat crew were woken by their pagers at around midnight and launched at 12.11am to the German kayaker who had alerted the Coastguard. Quickly locating the 4 metre kayak, which was set up with an outrigger and sails, the crew took the tired casualty onboard and towed the kayak into Padstow where his support crew were waiting. 

Michael England, RNLI Deputy Second Coxswain Mechanic says;

‘It was a beautifully calm and flat night, with very light winds, the chap had been at sea for 30 hours and was extremely tired. Although he was also equipped with an outboard engine, he’d used the fuel and under sail it would have been a long passage into Padstow.  Unfamiliar with the area, he was also unsure of the best way into the harbour.

He did exactly the right thing to call for help, and although it was a late night for the crew, we didn’t get back to the station until 2.20am, we were happy to help him out.’

The Padstow volunteer lifeboat crew also launched at 1.45pm on Tuesday (23 June) to help their volunteer colleagues from Port Isaac and Rock RNLI and Coastguard Cliff Rescue Teams search for a possible missing person after a kayak was found abandoned off Pentire and The Rumps. With nothing found all crews were stood down in the early afternoon.