Shouts 2016

St Ives and Padstow RNLI lifeboat crews assist yacht

The volunteer lifeboat crews of St Ives and Padstow RNLI were both launched on Saturday night (30 July) to assist a yacht in distress.

 The crew of St Ives RNLI were paged at 7.20pm following a distress call from a yacht 30 miles north of St Ives. A 42-foot sailing yacht with four people on board suffered engine failure and was struggling to make speed on sail alone on their journey to Ireland.

 St Ives all-weather lifeboat Nora Stachura was launched and took the vessel under tow. The yacht could not be taken back to St Ives harbour as there was no appropriate mechanical support available there to repair the yacht, so the volunteer crew headed for Padstow.

 At 10.05pm, the volunteer lifeboat crew at Padstow launched the all-weather lifeboat to meet the vessel 12 miles west of Trevose and take the tow from the St Ives lifeboat. The crew recovered the yacht safely to Padstow Harbour.

 Upon leaving the harbour the Padstow crew were contacted by a fishing vessel reporting an injury to one of their crew. The lifeboat crew returned to the harbour to administer first aid and arrange for an ambulance to attend.

 The volunteer crew returned to Padstow lifeboat station at 3.15am.

 Padstow RNLI Coxswain, Alan Tarby, said: ‘It was great to work with St Ives RNLI and see their fantastic Shannon class lifeboat in action. Great team work and we are glad we could be there to help.’

 After more than five hours at sea, St Ives RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew arrived back at the station at 1am.

Padstow RNLI lifeboat launched after dog falls from cliff

The volunteer lifeboat crew at Padstow RNLI launched at 9.32am today following reports that a dog had fallen from the cliffs at Mother Ivey’s Bay.

The Coastguard cliff rescue team were on scene and supporting from the cliffs to help locate the dog. The Y-boat was launched to recover the dog from the water, which sadly had not survived.

The dog was returned to the lifeboat station where the Coastguard were waiting with the dog’s owner.


Duty Coxswain Michael England said ‘This is the second incident we have responded to this year resulting in the very sad loss of a pet. The owner did the right thing in calling the Coastguard and requesting assistance. We would always advise that pet owners never try to climb down cliffs or enter the water to rescue pets themselves’

Padstow RNLI lifeboat crew rescue three people and a dog cut off by the tide

The volunteer lifeboat crew at Padstow RNLI launched at 7.56pm on Tuesday evening (19 July) to assist three people and their dog cut off by the tide at Harlyn.

 The Tamar class all weather lifeboat arrived on scene and launched the inshore Y-boat with two crew members who made two trips to bring all three people and their dog back to the lifeboat.

They were transported back to Padstow lifeboat station safe and well by 8.18pm.

Deputy coxswain and RNLI mechanic Michael England said 'They realised they were cut off by the tide and made the right decision by calling the Coastguard. We are glad we could be there to help them. We would always recommend that people seek advice on the tide times, currents and weather conditions to ensure they can enjoy our coastline safely'

Padstow RNLI lifeboat crew assist motor cruiser

The volunteer lifeboat crew at Padstow RNLI launched at 10.17pm on Sunday evening (24 July) to assist a motor cruiser having difficulty navigating.

 The motor cruiser was unsure of its exact position and was struggling to find the mouth of the Camel estuary. The Tamar class lifeboat arrived on scene and the Y-boat was launched to send two crew on board the motor cruiser to assist the skipper.

The all weather lifeboat then escorted the vessel into the estuary and up to the harbour. With the vessel safely alongside the Padstow lifeboat crew returned to station just before midnight.


Michael England, Padstow RNLI Mechanic and Deputy 2nd Coxswain said ‘We would always advise boat owners to seek advice before they set out and to have a robust passage plan in place, especially if you are unsure of the area’

Padstow RNLI lifeboat crew assist broken down yacht

Volunteer lifeboat crew launched at 10.56am on Sunday morning (3 July) to assist a yacht which had broken down 19 miles west of Trevose Head.

 Sea conditions were too calm to sail and with one person on board suffering with sea sickness the Padstow crew took the yacht under tow.

 Two volunteer RNLI crew members were later transferred to the yacht to assist them with berthing in Padstow Harbour.

 The crew left the yacht and occupants safely in Padstow Harbour and returned to the station at 4.10pm.

 Coxswain Richard Pitman said ‘Myself and some of the crew were about to attend the Sea Sunday service at St Merryn church when the pagers went off. It was a routine call out and we’re happy we could be there to help’