Padstow Boathouse

The first Padstow lifeboat was built by the Padstow Harbour Association in 1827 and kept at Hawkers Cove. The RNLI took over the station in 1856. In 1899 a new steam lifeboat was provided and the station's first motor lifeboat was commissioned in 1929. A new boat house and roller slipway were built at Hawker's cove for a second motor lifeboat in 1931. A further boathouse and 73 meter slipway ensued in 1967 and were later adapted for the station's Tyne class boat. Completion of the new award-winning boathouse slipway for Padstow and naming of its new £2.5M Tamar class ON-1283 (16-04)Spirit of Padstow took place in 2006