24 Apr 2013 - Padstow RNLI Lifeboat crew’s training exercise turns into rescue

Padstow RNLI Lifeboat crew’s training exercise turns into rescue

The volunteer crew of the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat The Spirit of Padstow were preparing to launch for their weekly routine training exercise when they were paged at 5.45pm (Wednesday) to go to the aid of a broken down yacht.

The yacht with four persons onboard experienced engine failure 20 miles North West of Trevose Head.  The skipper was also suffering from severe sea sickness and the three other members of the crew were not confident in sailing the yacht to Padstow.

 On arrival at the scene the lifeboat transferred lifeboat volunteer RNLI crewmembers R. Pitman, S. Swabey and O. Myles on to the yacht to fix a tow, and to administer first aid to the skipper. 

The lifeboat then proceeded to take up the tow and bring the yacht back into Padstow.  The yacht was left on a mooring just outside the harbour with two of the yachts crewmembers onboard shortly after 10pm.  The lifeboat proceeded back to the lifeboat station with the skipper and one crewmember to be checked over by waiting paramedics. 

The lifeboat re-housed at 10.30pm.

Crew onboard; A. Tarby, R. Pitman,  M. England, J. Chown, T. Norfolk, S. Swabey, R. Masters, O. Myles and M. Dennick.