Shouts 2013

11 May 2013 - Padstow Lifeboat launches to aid local fishing vessel

Padstow RNLI lifeboat Tamar class 'Spirit of Padstow' launched at 8pm tonight (Saturday 11th May) to go to the assistance of a local fishing vessel which had broken down with engine failure half a mile inside the Newland Island at the mouth of the Camel Estuary.

The fishing boat had managed to anchor and await the lifeboat. Once on scene the lifeboat took the vessel under tow into Padstow Harbour.

29 Apr 2013 - Padstow RNLI rescue four just in the nick of time

Four men have been rescued from their grounded vessel thanks to the professional actions of the Padstow RNLI lifeboat crew. The group were onboard a converted fishing vessel that hit rocks in the Camel estuary as they headed towards Padstow harbour.

The lifeboat crew volunteers launched at 5am this morning (Monday 29 April) when reports came in that the Courageous II had gone aground and was holed and that the vessel’s crew were in immediate danger. 

Arriving on scene in just 12 minutes, volunteer RNLI Coxswain Alan Tarby skilfully bought the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat Spirit of Padstow alongside the stricken vessel in very shallow waters. The four men assembled on the aft deck (back) of the converted fishing vessel and were swiftly transferred to the lifeboat.

The RNLI team then headed straight back to the lifeboat station so the survivors could be checked over by paramedics.

Michael England is the RNLI Mechanic at Padstow:
‘This was a very speedy rescue as the four men were in immediate danger with the boat literally breaking up under their feet. Fortunately thanks to Alan’s skilful boat handling in very shallow water we were able to get them off the boat and ashore in minutes and they are all well. Sadly the vessel is breaking up very quickly.  They’re regular visitors to Padstow, usually appearing for our annual Mayday celebrations, and it’s very sad to see their boat in such a terrible situation.’    

The call came just four and a half hours after the Padstow RNLI team had returned from assisting two people onboard a small yacht that had lost its rudder two miles north of Boscastle. The volunteer crew had towed the boat to safety, arriving back at their Trevose Head boathouse at half past midnight this morning.

01 Mar 2013 - Padstow RNLI lifeboat tows in broken down fishing vessel

The volunteer crew of the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat from Padstow were paged shortly before 10am today (Friday 1st March) to go to the aid of a fishing vessel.

The Padstow Lifeboat ‘Spirit of Padstow’ was launched to go to the aid of the 26-ft fishing vessel from Padstow with two persons onboard. The vessel had broken down with engine trouble off Tintagel Head.

On arrival at the scene the crew of the lifeboat passed across a tow to the vessels owner.  Once set up the lifeboat took up the tow and the vessel was brought back to Padstow arriving at the harbour at 12.30pm.

24 Apr 2013 - Padstow RNLI Lifeboat crew’s training exercise turns into rescue

Padstow RNLI Lifeboat crew’s training exercise turns into rescue

The volunteer crew of the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat The Spirit of Padstow were preparing to launch for their weekly routine training exercise when they were paged at 5.45pm (Wednesday) to go to the aid of a broken down yacht.

The yacht with four persons onboard experienced engine failure 20 miles North West of Trevose Head.  The skipper was also suffering from severe sea sickness and the three other members of the crew were not confident in sailing the yacht to Padstow.

 On arrival at the scene the lifeboat transferred lifeboat volunteer RNLI crewmembers R. Pitman, S. Swabey and O. Myles on to the yacht to fix a tow, and to administer first aid to the skipper. 

The lifeboat then proceeded to take up the tow and bring the yacht back into Padstow.  The yacht was left on a mooring just outside the harbour with two of the yachts crewmembers onboard shortly after 10pm.  The lifeboat proceeded back to the lifeboat station with the skipper and one crewmember to be checked over by waiting paramedics. 

The lifeboat re-housed at 10.30pm.

Crew onboard; A. Tarby, R. Pitman,  M. England, J. Chown, T. Norfolk, S. Swabey, R. Masters, O. Myles and M. Dennick.

03 Jan 2013 - Padstow RNLI Lifeboat in further search for missing man

The volunteer crew of the Tamar class all-weather lifeboat from Padstow were continuing the search today (Wednesday 2nd January) for a missing local man.

The volunteer crew of the Padstow Lifeboat Spirit of Padstow were launched shortly after 4.30pm and tasked by HM Coastguards to assist local cliff rescue teams and police after a possible sighting at the base of Porthmissen Cliffs.

Making their way to the scene the lifeboat continued its search from the previous day in the search for a missing local man who hasn’t been seen since the weekend. Due to fading light, poor sea conditions along with the incoming tide the lifeboat crew and coastguard cliff rescue teams were stood down to resume their search again at low water.

The lifeboat launched again at 2.15 am today (Thursday 3rd January) to resume a low water search for a possible sighting of a missing local man.  The search was again called off as heavy ground seas continued to hamper the lifeboat crews attempt to get in close enough to the base of the cliff to investigate.

Coastguards who are co-ordinating the search along with the police and other rescue services will discuss later today further searches at low water.